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Sustainable Agriculture Training for Military Veterans

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Supporting farmer veterans since 2013

Armed to Farm has supported more than 800 veterans with hands-on and classroom learning opportunities for sustainable agriculture since launching in 2013Farmer veterans learn how to run a successful business and market their products, how to access USDA resources, set business goals, and develop meaningful mentorships with seasoned farmers. 

Veteran farmers who complete a training series stay connected to their peers and often develop ties to other farmers, increasing their ability to succeed. These veteran farmers have access to individualized technical assistance and one-on-one consultations, in-person networking events and virtual learning opportunities through the National Center for Appropriate Technology

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Training opportunities are available now!

Applications Open for Armed to Urban Farm Baltimore

In partnership with the United States Botanic Garden, NCAT is hosting a unique hybrid model of Armed to Urban Farm in Baltimore, Maryland, in September and October 2021.

This hybrid Armed to Urban Farm will combine engaging online classroom sessions with in-person farm tours and hands-on activities. Participants will gain a strong foundation in the basic principles of operating a sustainable farming enterprise. Plus, attendees will join a nationwide network of supportive farmer-veterans and trusted agricultural advisors.

Applicants from the mid-Atlantic region will receive priority. Apply before August 13.

“Armed to Farm opened our eyes to all of the help that’s available. You find a purpose to serve again. Becoming a farmer and producing something I can feed my community, and raise my children off the land. This is my way of bringing service back.”

“The Armed to Farm program is THE reason I was able to get started in farming. The opportunity to connect with other veterans and support each other’s dreams was life changing. The education and support from NCAT/ATTRA guided me through starting a profitable farm that fuels my newfound passion for farming.” 

“Our Armed to Farm experience has been nothing short of amazing. Veterans seeking a one-stop-shop on how to navigate the journey of becoming a farmer, sustaining a farm, and making a farm more efficient and productive must seek out this opportunity. This is a gem of a project and every Veteran looking for a transition solution, or to improve their farming or ranching endeavor should seize the opportunity to participate in an Armed to Farm event or seminar.”


Armed to Urban Farm
Baltimore, Maryland

September, October 2021
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Armed to Farm
San Diego, California

Spring 2022
Application Coming Soon!

New Mexico

Armed to Farm
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Spring 2022
Application Coming Soon!


Armed to Farm
Castroville, Texas

Spring 2022
Application Coming Soon!

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